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Bucket List

By: Gloria Hopee

I’ve been living my life guided by the things written on my made up bucket list. Things that make me happy and I want to do and bring to reality in life.

I thought I’d share <3

  1. Skydiving
  2. Cut my hair off
  3. Buy a house
  4. 750 Credit Score
  5. See the All Blacks play – New Zealand
  6. Complete a Yoga Retreat
  7. Learn to swim
  8. Smoke a Cigar.
  9. Become a certified Yoga Instructor
  10. South Africa Cape Town
  11. Ride a camel in Dubai
  12. Have Mary Jane session w/ family
  13. Run the wall of China
  14. Write a book
  15. Publish a book
  16. Be in a carnival Parade – Trinidad Feb
  17. Visit Bubblegum Alley – California
  18. Madrid
  19. Visit Place with pitchforks- The 14th factory- California
  20. Live in my favorite city
  21. Feed Tigers
  22. Drink Beer at Oktober Fest in Germany- Sep-22- Oct 7th
  23. Visit The pyramids in Egypt
  24. Start my own business
  25. Learn to Cook
  26. Complete a Silent Retreat
  27. Visit  the 7 Wonders of the World
  28. Help build a school
  29. Attend a TedTalk
  30. Throw a themed dinner party
  31. Attend NYC Fashion Week – Feb
  32. Sale 6 Homes in 1 year
  33. Play w/ Monkeys
  34. Attend a country music concert
  35. Fly 1st class internationally
  36. Broadway show in NYC
  37. 100k subscribers on Youtube
  38. Helicopter ride over volcanoes in Hawaii
  39. Ride an Elephant
  40. Ride hot air balloon in New Mexico- Oct.
  41. Visit Red Beach in China
  42. Swim with Dolphins
  43. Go to Coachella- April
  44. Eat at 100 Restaurants in Mi
  45. Run a marathon
  46. Go to Olympics
  47. Go to a Gun Range
  48. Learn Spanish
  49. Live in Thailand for a month
  50. Meet Oprah
  51. Meet Erykah Badu/ Have tea with her
  52. Go to a Drive in Movie
  53. Visit Grand Canyon
  54. Buy my mom a house
  55. Go on a Road Trip
  56. Live 1 Year as a minimalist 2018
  57. Visit Trevi Fountain in Rome
  58. Create a physical photo album of 2018
  59. Do a color run
  60. Be a bridesmaid/maid of honor
  61. Build a wardrobe I love
  62. Write a letter to myself then open it in 5yrs
  63. Write letters to ppl and mail them
  64. Get and love a kitten. Name her scarlet
  65. Perform poetry
  66. Take a vacation solo
  67. Organize family portrait- matching colors
  68. Have a minimalistic apartment
  69. Have a minimalist wardrobe
  70. Be a tourist in my own town
  71. Read a classic novel
  72. Read a new york times bestseller
  73. Send flowers to myself
  74. Relax in Hot spring in Alaska
  75. Drive an ATV
  76. Take a trip with mom
  77. Sew something I can wear
  78. Finish 100 Books in a year
  79. Save 10k in an emergency fund
  80. Create a monthly event for family
  81. Grow a windowsill garden
  82. Cook thanksgiving dinner
  83. Go backpacking
  84. Stand in four states at one time
  85. Take grandma on a date
  86. Have a picnic
  87. Master a “Beat” makeup look
  88. Zip Line
  89. Go Horseback riding
  90. Walk on black sand beach Hawaii
  91. Meet a youtube subscriber in person
  92. Receive fan mail
  93. Create a piece of art and sell it
  94. Pick up painting as a hobby
  95. Make a candle
  96. Work on a pottery wheel
  97. Apply for a reality tv show
  98. Act in a play
  99. Medieval Times Dinner
  100. Be an extra in a movie
  101. Be in a commercial
  102. Decorate a room I love
  103. Dinner theater
  104. Join Flashmob
  105. Give speech at high school
  106. Give speech at my college
  107. Go all out for halloween
  108. Pose w/ wax figure at museum
  109. Read a book before watching the movie
  110. Attend a Ballet
  111. Attend Las Vegas show
  112. Attend pole dancing class
  113. Get a fish pedicure
  114. Spend day at spa resort
  115. Become a leader in my field
  116. Become Self Made Millionaire
  117. Create Passive Income
  118. Flip a house
  119. Fly in a private jet
  120. Create a non profit organization
  121. Order room service on a balcony
  122. Create Latte Art
  123. Eat philly cheesesteak in philadelphia
  124. Eat cheesecake in New York at Juniors
  125. Visit Zion National Park- Utah
  126. Visit White Sand Beach- Bahama
  127. Go on a Cruise
  128. Watch Changing of Guards- England
  129. Soak in Blue lagoon- Iceland
  130. Visit Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italy
  131. Swing at the end of the world -Ecuador
  132. Float in Dead Sea – Israel
  133. Go wine tasting
  134. Experience Weightlessness
  135. Start a book club
  136. Smoke a cigar in cuba
  137. Read a “Banned book”
  138. Learn to do splits 4 ways. Sides. Middle. Standing
  139. Helicopter into grand canyon
  140. Ride bikes at the beach
  141. Create charity event
  142. Learn Thank you in 10 languages
  143. Belly dancing in hawaii
  144. Sleep in a hostel
  145. Mardi gras New orleans
  146. See musical in Chicago
  147. Pin up style photoshoot
  148. Bake a Cake
  149. Watch the cinderella fireworks
  150. Finish a book in one setting

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